This is a 30kW installation on a farming, this provides a great return for the farm and gives them a secure financial future.

This solar installation will produce 25,800 units of electricity from their system every year. This system was completed on the 21 of August 2011 it has produced 21,000 units of electricity as of the 12 of September 2012! Giving a FIT income of £8,700. This installation was actually completed as part of 3x10kW arrays on the same roof but using different entry points to the grid.

  • 120 x Sharp Mono 250W Solar Panels
  •  Schueco Mounting System
  •  3 x 10kW Fronius Inverters
  •  all relevant cables and meters

This installation is a brilliant use of an agricultural building – whilst this system did require planning permission the rules have now been relaxed and under currently planning it wouldn’t require any formal application.